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Digital India Campaign

India is currently experiencing a faster economic growth in the world especially the cash transactions. Therefore, technological development in the country plays a critical role in the country’s development. The government of India has taken a necessary step to embrace technological advancement especially on a digital platform that was launched on July 1, 2015, called the Digital India Campaign at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Delhi. On the same note, on the “Republic Day” on 26th January the same year, many schools in India organized competition especially on short essays, paragraph writing based on the digital platform. This advantageous initiative of the government of India leads to the creation of awareness for the Indian population on the benefits of digital. It is noted that the majority of the population in India even though are learned, more than 50 percent of the population are not aware of the internet and the importance of digital. Therefore, digital campaign and education would result in the improved awareness of digital among the Indian population.

The digital India initiative was created by the government to ensure that all the government services are electronically managed and availed to the public through internet connectivity. Therefore, the three key visions for the Digital India Campaign include enabling the digital infrastructure to be a utility to the citizen due to the availability of the high speed of the internet to deliver all services to the citizens. This will help the citizens to feel more secure through protected authentication, and provision of unique identity on the digital platform. The services will encompass the use of mobile phones and bank accounts for the transaction in the digital space beside ensuring easier access to services located in the cloud. Secondly, the digital campaign ensures availability of services on demand. This is accomplished through the seamless integration of the departments and jurisdictions in real time on the mobile platform as well as the internet. Therefore, all citizens have equal accessibility to electronic and cashless transactions as well as improving on the leverage of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS). Lastly, the government of India is determined to empower citizens digitally. When Indian citizens are empowered digitally, they will be able to access all the resources by themselves in Indian language as well as participate in collaborative digital platforms. Besides, the citizens will not be able to submit documents physically to the government offices.

On a separate, not the program was done to kick start dwindling investment rate in the technological sector as well as for bridging the gaps that exist between the digital segments in the nation. Therefore, the digitally empowered society will be able to benefit from the created jobs in the country.  The two-way digital platform further aims at benefiting both the service providers and consumers through the integration of the citizens in the digital platform, centralizing the government departments as well as speeding up all the developments in the country.

In ensuring that Indian digital campaign becomes effective, the digital infrastructure will be viewed as a utility that will foster growth and transformation to a cashless economy. It is noted that a cashless economy enhances reduction of corruption as well as diminishes fake currency notes.  Thus, the campaign was done alongside Digi Locker that reduces the use, loss, misuse and troubles in the processing of physical documents. In addition, it will entail Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) Mobile app that helps with downloading processes to support Swachh Bharat Mission.

In conclusion, Digital Campaign in India that was launched by the Prime Minister has transformed India into a nation that shifts to a cashless economy. This is due to the digitalized citizens who operate most of the transactions on cloud-based platforms. Therefore, people are able to engage in the governance through discuss, disseminate and do. In addition, it enables the government to achieve online goals as well as ensuring that citizens digitally login to their documents easily.

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Digital India Campaign – An Initiative for Better Tomorrow

Digital India is a strong initiative that is taken by our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. The campaign launched by Indian Government is to make things convenient and easy for public by increasing connectivity of internet. It is promoted to help public by making things available electronically. This step is a major boost to enhance the technology curve and begins with plan of increasing internet connectivity even to the remote rural places of the country. The campaign was launched on 1st July, 2015 and ever since has progressed a lot in terms of empowerment.

The main objective of the Digital India campaign is to enhance digital literacy, provide high speed internet towers in rural India and teach people the benefits of electronic media. There are three visions which are considered under the Digital Media campaign

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  • Enhance Digital Infrastructure – The most important step taken to build the digital infrastructure is making high speed internet available to remote rural places. Each individual is given a digital identity with help of Aadhar card like system. Educating individuals about mobile phone and internet banking helps people with electronic transactions.
  • Get services on demand – Online and electronic connectivity helps in convenience of people. Be it making financial transactions, taking care of things digitally, making payment for various services, Digital India helps in making things easy for public.
  • Digital Empowerment – Another vision of digital India is to make citizens of the country digitally literate and help in accessing resources online. It is done so that people can submit various documents and Government certificates online.

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Services Provided under Digital India

The Digital India campaign is a great initiative to revolutionise conventional methods and integrate digital technology for better future. There are many facilities that are provided through the digital India campaign like digital locker for keeping our important documents online, e-education for distant learning through internet, e-health for health checkups and information online, national scholarship portal etc. DigiLocker facilities help citizens of India to keep their important documents safe in digital mode and provide each individual secure access. The e-sign facility helps in digital signature on any document online using authentication from Aadhar Card. With the help of e-hospital, one gets access to important services like online registration, fee payment, taking online appointment, getting diagnostic report online etc. These services make it easy for citizens to live a convenient and hassle free life. One of the most important promotion by Digital India campaign is encouraging citizens to switch to cashless mode of transactions through internet and mobile banking.

Management of the Programme

The management committee of the campaign consists of monitoring committee on Digital India headed by Prime Minister, Digital India Advisory Group with head as Minister of Communications & IT and Cabinet Secretary chaired Apex committee. There are many projects implemented to spread digital India awareness. The first digital India week launch ceremony was conducted on 1st July, 2015 and many investors agreed to make investment for the campaign. The second Digital India Summit was conducted in 22nd March, 2016. With the widespread awareness of the campaign, internet connectivity and digital means of information passage is adding to convenience of people.

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