A City At Night Essay

There are parts of New York City that look better at night than they do during the day. You don’t get the full effect of Times Square unless you see it at night.  And the Manhattan skyline looks amazing all lit up.

During our recent visit to the Big Apple, we spent a lot more time out at night than we have before and we were able to find things to do in New York that really shouldn’t be missed.

If you are heading to New York City any time soon make sure you don’t miss wandering around Times Square, looking over Manhattan from Top of the Rock and the Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn side – All at night.

If you are worried about safety when walking around the city at night, you really don’t have to be; There are thousands of people walking around on every road – After all, it is the city that never sleeps.

Enjoy our New York City at Night Photo Essay.


The billboards in Times Square make it seem like its day light 24 hours a day. Its very bright and very colorful.



This is the first time we viewed Manhattan at night from across the bridge. Its well worth the walk over the Brooklyn Bridge for the stunning view.



I am a huge musical theater buff so I love these billboards in Times Square. Its not quite the boring billboards you see on the highway as you drive to work every day is it!



This shot of Manhattan was taken from the Observation Deck (Top of the Rock) of the Rockefeller Center. The large colorful building is the Empire State Building.



The famous cherub at the front of the Rockefeller Center – Also a regular in the credits of one of our favorite shows, 30 Rock.



Another shot from ‘above’ at the Observation Deck. Manhattan looks amazing at night!



You would think it was Christmas when you see all the lights in the trees around the Rockefeller Center at night. Its stunning.



A view of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park



Another view of the lights in the trees at the Rockefeller Center



One last shot of my favorite place in New York City – Times Square!


Have you experiences NYC at night? What was your favorite part?


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