Mes Indian School Holiday Assignment 2012 Movie

Welcome to MES Indian School

We believe education is the birth right of every child. They deserve the best of knowledge and skills that will assist them in a fruitful living, develop a happy society and feel confident to face every faced of life. At MES, we identify the innate abilities, skills and talents of our students, guide and nurture them for their holistic development. Their confidence and urge to face the world with the knowledge and wisdom that they have attained with us is the reward that will encourage us to be constructive in serving the education society in the future as well. If you have the similar vision for your child....

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Special Highlights

  • CBSE Affiliated School. Affiliation number 6330001
  • M.E.S Indian School is ISO 9001:2015 certified Indian school in the state of Qatar.
  • M.E.S is the first IWA 2:2007 certified school in Qatar.
  • M.E.S has been Accredited by Qatar National School Accreditation.

Salient Features of Girls Section Class V – Class XII:

There is something intriguing and compelling about a girl who lights up every room she walks in. A girl is known for her Self-Worth, Trustworthiness, Work Ethic, Self-Discipline, Resilience and Dignity The fact is, radiance is magnetic and when a group of radiant young girls come together, they can inspire hearts, and do remarkable and lovely things. WELCOME TO GIRLS SECTION

We have well qualified and experienced teaching faculty and state of art laboratories in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science. We have a dedicated Home Science and Engineering Graphics department thereby creating more room for excellence in diverse field. We have well stocked independent reading room for girls with wide range of reference books, periodicals, newspapers and magazines which enables the students to be abreast with the current happenings around the globe. MES believes in quality education and hence we have equipped all the classrooms with smart boards and projectors to facilitate e-learning, the first of a kind in an Indian School in Qatar. To take care of the medical need we have a Female welfare officer to facilitate first aid.

In the world of sport we have won many accolades both at national and international level. At our campus we have a dedicated Basketball court, Volleyball court, Tennis Court, Fifa approved flood-lit football ground, Cricket net practice area, open air auditorium, indoor games, swimming pool, etc. guided and coached by well qualified female physical education teachers. Apart from this we have a trained gymnastics faculty.

We have qualified and experienced female student counselor for improving their academic performance, problem solving techniques and variety of personal issues. Also, a full time female special educator is available in the school to assist students with learning difficulties. We offer career counseling to guide the students for their career path after completing the academic curriculum in the Senior Secondary class. Educate students for the purpose of enhancing their academic success by being focused on their studies, manage student's skills, behavior, assess their competencies, support and guide them for improvement.

We have a separate Prayer room for Girls in the campus.

Remarkable achievements:

Girls have emerged as school toppers in the CBSE class XII results in recent years. Besides this many of them have topped in different subjects. Performance of girls in the sport & games and other categories of interschool competitions make us feel proud of the multiple skills and talents that our girls have. We believe that girls can do everything with their commitment and desire to do things differently with a positive approach.

Students talent zone:

1. Won accolades in Inter-school competitions in literary, sports and games, Islamic competitions held in Qatar and as well as in India.

2. National level winners in various sports categories.

3. Active participation in science, mathematics, computer sciences, informatics practices, Hindi Olympiads

4. Home science students exhibits the culinary skills and host a huge food mela every year.

5. Girls also exhibit their talent in the science & art exhibitions, skills in dance, music and literary during the youth festival.

Please visit the school photo gallery to know more.

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