Play Script Homework Year 666

Play Scripts

For each genre of writing, we use success criteria. These remind us of the tools we need in order to write accurately in that particular genre. All writing needs good vocabulary, connectives to extend sentences, a variety of sentence openings and punctuation. However there are other skills needed. For example newspaper articles contain headings and subheadings with formal language in the text. Diary entries are more likely to contain some chatty, informal language as well as beginning with ‘Dear Diary,’.

Sometimes we begin a series of lessons by studying the text types and finding all of the features which will be used as the success criteria. Look at the photographs to see the features we found within play scripts. Once we had combined and created our final success criteria, we were able to write successful play scripts.

Little Red Riding Hood by Leah

LRRH: (Walks into Grandma’s house) Hello Grandma!

Wolf:    Hello darling!

LRRH: What big eyes you have, Grandma!

Wolf:    All the better to see you with.

LRRH: What big ears you have!

Wolf:    All the better to hear you with.

LRRH: What a big nose you have!

Wolf:    All the better to smell you with.

LRRH: What a big mouth you have – you used to have a small mouth!

Wolf:    All the better to… (LRRH screams!)

(Woodcutter runs to Grandma’s house to see the wolf eat LRRH)

The Three Little Pigs by Rio

Cast List


Pig 1 – Pork

Pig 2 – Ribs

Pig 3 - Ribs

Wolf: (Hungrily) I smell pig!

(Pork walks out of the house)

Wolf: (Licking lips) I will eat you.

Pork: (Scared) AAAAGGGGHHHHH! (Runs inside)

Wolf: Let me in!

Pork: Not by the hair on my chinny, chin chin.

Wolf: I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in.

(Wolf blows down house and Pork runs to Rib’s house.)

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You have reached the Advertising and Brands section of the site so hopefully it is what you were looking for. This category contains 39 free worksheets on the topic. For intermediate to advanced business learners consider using this advertising worksheet to get students talking about brands. It has detailed instructions as well as extra activities and tips to help you complete the activity without difficulties. Feel free to submit your own worksheet if you have covered this topic with your students.
With adult intermediate and advanced learners, especially those studying English for work, this topic may be useful. There are a lot of different directions you could take the lesson in so consider your options and consult the text you are using before planning activities. You should be able to tailor your lesson to fit your students’ interests and situations. For younger or lower level learners, this topic is less important but you could still talk about the difference in brands, logos, and even brand loyalty since these are just a few simple things to think about related to advertising and brands. You may even consider doing a role play activity where students dream up a new product, design a logo, and write advertisement scripts to perform for the class.

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