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Deaf President Now

Deaf President Now!

All throughout history when an issue or problem presented it's self to a group of individuals. Their voices together would bring about change through toil and determination. However, what if the world couldn't hear your "voice" or understand your language? The degree of effort and work for such a group of people would seem futile. For the students of Gallaudet University, the barrier between the hearing world and the Deaf world could not have stopped them. "On March 6, the decision of the university's Broad of Trustees to name Elisabeth Ann Ziner, a hearing women with no previous knowledge of the deaf community, the university's seventh president." (Van Cleve p.170) Brought…show more content…

Of all the candidates who were up for the presidency of the university, only one of them was not deaf. This fact only fueled the fire when candidate was chosen. More or less sending a message into the deaf community that deaf people still seemed to be less capable or qualified as a hearing person. Yet, although DPN was a movement for equality and many other issues, it was a milestone in the Deaf Culture. "Deaf President Now" showed the world that deaf people and the deaf world could be united around a common issues and "fight." Especially one of this importance. "Gallaudet University represents the pinnacle of education for deaf people, not only in the United States but throughout the world." (Van Cleve p.172) Would it not be fitting for a university founded within deaf culture, be headed by one who was a part of that culture? Obviously there is no question. All throughout the entire "Deaf President Now" movement, the message was clear that deaf people have the self-determination and capability as any other hearing person. To watch hundreds of deaf students and supports protest from Gallaudet University to our nation's capital, using American Sign Language as their only medium of communication. Only shows the effect of the "power and intelligence" (Van Cleve p. 173) behind sign language. "With similar unity in the future, they may move into a

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Motherese across Cultures

Jack Sprat



Motherese across Cultures

Motherese is the universal, infant-directed speech that seems to come to women on instinct when they have a preverbal baby. Some people discourage speaking in "baby talk," because they think that children can't possibly learn good English if they are not spoken to in good English. However, there is a lot of qualitative and quantitative research to suggest that motherese provides an effective bridge between mother and baby for linguistic transfer (TeechConsult's KIDSpad, 2010). Motherese enhances attention using reduplication, the use of special morphemes and phonological modification, and grammatical simplification, helping babies find boundaries between linguistic units. That, though, is not the most interesting thing about motherese. What are most interesting are the similarities and differences of motherese across cultures and linguistic groups.

Pitch Contour Comparisons between Chinese and American Mothers…… [Read More]


Burnham, D., Kitamura, C., Luksaneeyanwin, S., & Thanavishuth, C. (2001). Universality and specificity in infant-directed speech: pitch modifications as a function of infant age and sex in a tonal and non-tonal language. Infant Behavior and Development, 24(4), 372-392.

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