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Storm on the Island - Comprehension Activities Booklet!

This 16-page resource booklet contains a wide range of challenging and engaging comprehension activities for use throughout the reading of Seamus Heaney’s power and conflict poem 'Storm on the Island.’ Teachers have found the activities particularly useful throughout teaching, or for exam revision or guided reading sessions. They are perfect for aiding the progress of students towards meeting the key English Literature assessment objectives - suitable for all examining bodies. Students have found these resources extremely engaging, and it is clearly highlighted within each task regarding which assessment strands the task is designed to demonstrate. It is provided in both Word (to allow for easy editing) and PDF (to ensure for consistency of formatting between computers). Activities within the booklet include (amongst many others): ‘Analysing Context’ - helping students to ‘Show understanding of the relationships between texts and the contexts in which they were written.’ ‘Analysing Subject Matter, Language and Structure’ - to help students to ‘Analyse the language, form and structure used by a writer to create meanings and effects, using relevant subject terminology where appropriate.’ ‘Diary Entry’ - to help students to ‘Use a range of vocabulary and sentence structures for clarity, purpose and effect, with accurate spelling and punctuation. Make an informed personal response, recognising that other responses to a text are possible and evaluating these.’ ‘The Speaker’ - to help students to ‘Read, understand and respond to texts. Students should be able to: maintain a critical style and develop an informed personal response use textual references, including quotations, to support and illustrate interpretations.’


Resources to engage pupils with poetry

Today is National Poetry Day! This year’s theme is light and we’ve been inspired to seek out some of our top resources to help you to ignite a passion for poetry in your primary classroom. Take a look at these packs and plans and encourage your students to appreciate the reading and writing of poetry – not only today, but in the coming weeks too.

Poetry packs

These comprehensive resource kits are bursting with poems, lesson plans and activities to help you to bring poetry to life at KS1 and KS2.

Light-themed lesson plans and assembly outline
Chatterbooks activity pack
Poetry Train pack, including teaching tips
Poetry Power pack, featuring 18 styles of poetry (£8)

Lesson plans

From writing riddles to practising performance techniques, get your learners excited about poetry with these imaginative ideas.

For KS1

Nonsense nursery rhymes
Patterns in poetry: animals
List poems: My Magic Purse (£1)
Going to Sea performance poetry SoW (£5)

For KS2

Investigating and writing riddles
Fabulous food: synesthetic poetry
Roald Dahl’s Dirty Beasts menagerie
Poet in your classroom: poems and videos (£1)
Monsters and men performance poetry SoW (£5)

Looking for even more inspiration?  Try our primary poetry collection for ideas, teaching resources and lesson plans by type and theme.

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