Case 10 Cell Phone Management Assignment

Business and Technology Case Management Program

Effective January 1, 2003, Maryland Rule 16-205 established a Business and Technology Case Management Program in the circuit courts. Counsel may seek designation of complex civil cases involving business and/or technology issues to this program by indicating same on the Civil-Non-Domestic Information Report filed with a Complaint. Upon agreement of counsel or the filing of the first responsive pleading, the program Director will determine whether the case is appropriate for inclusion in the program. The Court may also assign cases to the program on its own initiative. After a designation, parties have ten (10) days to file a written motion, stating the basis for any objection. Responses must be filed within five (5) days after service of the motion. The determination of the Director on any objections shall be final.

Cases which are designated for the Business & Technology Case Management Program will be specially assigned to one of the five judges designated by the Administrative Judge to participate in the program. The assigned judge will conduct a scheduling conference and manage the case to resolution in the circuit court. There are over fifty opinions on significant issues in business and technology cases available on Lexis, Westlaw and a statewide judicial website.

The Business and Technology Case Management Program of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City encourages the use of new and established technology in the management and trial of cases.

Business and Technology Judges

Learn more about Maryland’s Business & Technology Case Management Program.

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