Franchise Developmental Specialists Cover Letters

Dear Ms. Morton,

I am extremely interested in joining the Colonial family by opening a Colonial franchise somewhere in the Palo Alto area. I have included a copy of your application and a business proposal as well as my resume for your perusal. From my education and close to a dozen years in business my skills and abilities will be a true asset to the Colonial name.

I have a Bachelor’s in Business and a Master’s in Business Management. I have a perspective on business operations using exceptional direction and accountability to build a brand that drives the franchise managing contractual compliances and building working relationships through strong communication and leadership. From quality control to processes to providing an exemplary level of customer service I will ensure the tradition that Colonial has retained for almost a century will continue under my stewardship. I know I will make a solid contribution to the Colonial franchise. Please review all the documents and get a good idea of my long term plan for the franchise.

After reviewing all the materials and deciding you would like to proceed contact me to set up an interview. You can give me a clearer picture of the corporate structuring and franchising fee schedule. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Francesca Prady

Resourceful Franchise Development Manager seeking potential franchising opportunities by identifying defining negotiating and nurturing productive business relationships. Adept at securing licenses for various products. Specialize in analyzing market strategies and identifying opportunities.

¥ Substantial ability to facilitate content re-use within large organizations
¥ Strong ability to identify franchise and partnership opportunities
¥ Adept at developing and negotiating contracts
¥ Sound knowledge of national and international markets
¥ Substantial experience with product development strategies
¥ Extensive problem solving skills
¥ Ability to motivate team members

Franchise Development Manager
9/1/2010 – 3/1/2012

¥ Attended franchising conferences to fine-tune techniques and network.
¥ Maintained database of customer and financial information.
¥ Analyzed retail market to determine current trends.
¥ Designed and executed trade marketing plans.
¥ Prepared franchise development budgets.

Franchise Development Manager
5/1/2012 – 9/1/2013
Riverside Corporation of New Parkland

¥ Contacted potential partners to secure franchising opportunities.
¥ Maintained and updated brand asset management systems.
¥ Developed and implemented brand strategies.
¥ Tracked competitor activities and analyzed their strategies.
¥ Maintained personal and professional connections.
¥ Evaluated productivity and performance of staff.
¥ Tested and identified potential product platforms.

¥ Prepared franchise contracts to secure relationships.
¥ Developed brand strategies.
¥ Designed and updated style guides.
¥ Determined business partnership requirements.
¥ Identified potential franchise partners.
¥ Assigned tasks to franchise development team.

Franchise Development Manager
Bachelor of Science – Business Administration
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