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Cause and effect essay topics: Unemployment

Unemployment raises pressing problems throughout the world.. Unemployed are people of not less than 16 years of age who are involuntarily out of work. They are defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as people who are jobless, looking for jobs, and available for work. Such individuals have a right to receive temporary financial assistance from the government, but they, in turn, are obliged to apply for the services that are provided by labor registry offices. In accordance with current unemployment statistics, in June 2010 unemployment fell to 9, 5 percent. Yet, only 40 per cent of unemployed receive unemployment insurance payments, for seasonal workers are provided with poor social security.

Major thesis statements:
1) Unemployed individuals often fail to meet job search requirements, so they need additional training or education.
2) The natural rate of unemployment (economists debate whether it is 4 percent or less) is caused by frictional structural, and surplus unemployment, so current unemployment in the United States is not a matter of big concern.
3) Unemployment is neither an economic nor a social problem, but rather a temporary personal trouble, which should be overcome without government support.

Primary issues to discuss:
1) The impact of unemployment on the U.S. economy.
2) Major causes of unemployment.
3) Cause-and-effect interrelations between wage slavery and unemployment.

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Cause and Effect of Unemployment

Unemployment is an issue that is a major problem globally. People willing to work in different positions are unable to secure jobs or positions. They thus end up unemployed. Unemployment crisis have been on the increase especially in countries with large populations. Governments should, however, tries as much to help people secure jobs to help them earn a living. Individuals who are working tend to have better lifestyles compared to the people who have no jobs at all. The young people, for example, especially in developing countries, have greater challenges securing employment in the job market. Unemployment is when people who can work and are willing to work are unable to get positions to work in. There are however various causes of unemployment for different people. The effects of unemployment, on the other hand, are suffered by the unemployed, their families and also the economy of the nation affected.

Causes of Unemployment

There are many reasons known as to why people are unable to secure jobs. The position may be available, but the unemployed persons may not have or possess the required skills for the job or task. In such a situation persons cannot be hired as they may not be in a position to perform tasks and activities as required. Lack of job or work experience is another major cause of unemployment. Some jobs require one to have some experience. Without the necessary experience on the job, an individual may not get the job. Another reason for which one may be unemployed is when companies lay off some of its employees. One may remain unemployed before securing a new job elsewhere. An individual may also be unemployed after quitting a job to look for another new job. Technology advancement is also one of the leading causes of unemployment in many states. The use of improved and modern technology does not require many people working in the company.

Effects of Unemployment

People who are unemployed have no income. Meeting financial needs thus becomes a problem and challenge. Unemployment may also lead to poverty. The young people who are unemployed may engage in crime to earn cash for use. It is also common that those that are unemployed may live low-quality life in terms of shelter, feeding and health. Unemployment also has adverse effects on the economy of any state. Governments thus need to address the issue of unemployment.

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