Ap Biology Chapter 9 Guided Reading Assignment

AP Biology Name ____Ryan Hanssens_______ Chapter 9 Guided Reading Assignment Hint: review the concept check questions – these are great quick quiz questions! 1. Define the two catabolic pathways: a. Fermentation – a partial degradation of sugars that occurs without the use of oxygen b. Cellular respiration – when oxygen is consumed as a reactant along with the organic fuel; most efficient catabolic pathway; mitochondria house most of the metabolic equipment needed 2. Use the following terms correctly in a sentence: redox reactions, oxidation, reduction, reducing agent and oxidizing agent. In redox reactions, oxidation (the loss of electrons from one substance) and reduction (the addition of electrons to another substance) occur. A reducing agent is the electron donor and the oxidizing agent is the electron acceptor. 3. Why is being “reduced” equivalent to having a greater potential energy? As electron loses potential energy when it shifts from a less electronegative atom toward a more electronegative one. 4. In cellular respiration, what is being oxidized and what is being reduced? oxidized – glucose ; reduced - oxygen 5. Label the diagram below of the electron movement with regard to the coenzyme NAD+. Page 1 of 7 O O P O-O O P O-O CH 2

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