2007 Ap Lang Synthesis Essay

Advertisements, Good or Bad?
Nowadays we see advertisements in every corner of our lives. Wherever we go, whichever place we are at, some types of advertisement would always be presented. Some people would use advertisements for a moral purpose, such as encouraging people to donate blood to save others (Source A). However, others would use advertisements for their own self-interest, such as promoting some certain products to gain more profits. Advertisements surely have some positive effects on the people; however, the negative effects that they place on the people, especially consumers, outweigh the positive ones.
There is no doubt that advertisement that is used to encourage people to give blood to save others in the society (Source A) has positive effect on the people and the society as a whole. This kind of advertisement connects the people to their community by informing them about the way that they can help others. It is appropriately used to promote the health of the community and encourage the people to communicate with each other through charity and good work. However, if all ads are used in this way, there is no argument and contradiction at all. Most of the ads that we see on the street or on the Internet are all about some certain products that the producers want us to buy. These ads are used not for a moral purpose, but instead for a self-interested purpose. For instance, a cigarette company uses ads to promote its product not because it believes that cigarette would help the people, but because it believes that the ads would help to increase its own profit--selling more cigarettes. It is true that ads develop “selective demands for individual brands” (Source B); however, in a moral sense, creating ads to encourage people to smoke more is unacceptable. As a human creature, I fully understand that self-interest is really important to the people; however, as a human creature, I strongly believe that before advertisers making such ads, they should at...

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