Msw Assignment 2011 Ram

During each field internship period, students complete a number of assignments that enrich their field experience, prompt reflection and deepen their learning. A complete list and detailed information about these assignments can be found in Guidelines for the Field Internship: Student Requirements. They include the following components:

  • Required readings (approximately four hours per week)
  • Weekly process recordings (written descriptions of the interaction between client and worker; minimum of two per week)
  • Development of a learning plan with the internship supervisor at the beginning of each internship
  • Monthly activity and narrative reports, including case assignments, reading and supervision
  • An issue-oriented field report rooted in a case (3-5 pages)
  • The "Understanding Your Agency" report (first-year M.S.W. students only; 6 pages)
  • An anti-racism assignment (second-year M.S.W. students only)
  • A major case study (15 pages and three process recordings)
  • A comprehensive evaluation of the field work experience
  • A group agency description

All submitted clinical materials are expected to reflect appropriate use of confidentiality. Materials needed for completing the assignments are available on the Reports and Forms page. All due dates can be found on the M.S.W. Field Calendar.

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