Legal Assistant Cover Letter With Skills

Legal assistants help lawyers, for whom they work, to prepare all the necessary documents related to the case. They save the lawyers’ time by researching the necessary facts, drafting documents and making it readable for presentation in the court room.

Legal assistants work in the law firm. To obtain a job as a legal assistant, you have to send the cover letter with the resume to the firm you want to work with. Follow these guidelines when preparing your legal assistant cover letter:

  • Include the necessary contact information in the cover letter, including yours and the readers. This information gives an answer to question—a) who has written the letter and b) to whom
  • Include the date of the letter followed by a proper salutation to the reader
  • Let the reader know from the first paragraph of your cover letter who you are and why you have written the letter to him/her. This could be your introduction and the reason in applying for the job. Don’t waste the reader’s time in introducing yourself and explaining the reason. This information should not exceed more than two sentences.
  • The next paragraph of your legal assistant cover letter should show your suitability for the job. The employers will take the initiative in opening your resume on the basis of this information you have provided in this section. It is accepted that being an experienced candidate, you are tempted to add all the details of your work experience assuming a favorable response from employers. However, it is important to cater to the needs of the employers instead of overwhelming them with unnecessary information.
  • After summarizing your experiences, you should include your educational qualifications in the cover letter. If you are pursuing any course at the time of writing the letter, mention it, provided it is relevant to the position.
  • The end of the cover letter should either enquire the readers on how and when to contact them for further discussion in a polite manner, or you can convey the step you are going to take in following up this cover letter. But, don’t forget to express your gratitude for the readers’ time.

Legal Assistant Cover Letter

Amias Jablon
25th Legal Street, Apt. 120
Houston, TX 77098
Phone: (713) XXX-7496 • Email:

August 30, 2011

Felix K. Pablo
Attorney at Law
Felix & Felix Law Firm
62 Law Avenue
Houston, TX 77095

Dear Pablo,

I want to convey my interest through this cover letter for the legal assistant’s position in your law firm as advertised in the Sunday Mail. I am a graduate in law from the Texas Law University. I have four years of experience as a legal assistant from two different law firms. My current employer is Fair & Clean Law Firm, Houston, Texas.

My previous experiences include researching legal documents, filing and drafting legal reports, and helping attorney’s in presenting the case in the court room. I have the ability to work under any pressure with least supervision. Being a graduate in law helps in understanding the legal terms and jargons used in the courtroom. I have prepared reports on court hearings and communicated the same to clients in easy and understanding languages.

In my current employment, I am drafting wills, contracts as per clients’ agreements. I am also drafting reports for appeals against any judgment or for closing the case. I am also helping in the yearly annual report preparation for audit work. I am good in using the internet for research work, and I always update my knowledge about sections in the law world through books.

I have a good memory and strong analytic skills. I use my logics in all legal works be it inside or outside the courtroom. All these years of experience and working with reputed firms have developed my skills and knowledge to accept any legal challenges.

Allow me an opportunity to discuss with you in depth. I am confident that you will surely agree with me on the benefits I can bring to your firm through my appointment. Feel free to call me any time to clarify your doubts.

Yours sincerely,

Amias Jablon

Enclosure: Resume

This sample letter introduces the writer in brief and conveys his interest for the position. The letter also includes the past experiences and current responsibilities handled by the writer. It also ends with a confident note in clearing doubts of the employers. Your qualifications and experiences may not match with this legal assistant cover letter. However, you can use it as a template while writing the cover letter.

Finding a rewarding legal career means establishing the right employer connections. A well-worded cover letter is an excellent way to sell your professional accomplishments and experience, helping you stand out among a pool of job applicants. Take a look at the attached legal assistant cover letter example and the following writing tips to get a better idea of how to handle writing a successful, job-winning cover letter.

  • Don’t simply restate your resume. Your cover letter is an opportunity to expound on the information you’ve already provided. Share how your experiences have shaped you both personally and professionally.
  • Do cater your skills and experiences toward the position at hand. If you’re unsure of which jobs and skills to include, create a word cloud from related job descriptions to find common key phrases, such as “document drafting” or “interrogatories.”
  • Don’t be generic. Avoid general phrases that could be about any industry or position.
  • Do consider including a headline that captures employers’ attention. There is no steadfast formatting rule, so feel free to experiment.

Legal Assistant Advice

Looking for a career in the law? Consider a career as a legal assistant. A legal assistant provides support to a lawyer or firm by performing legal research, drafting documents, and trial preparation. Legal assistants require training, solid writing and research abilities, and an impressive cover letter. Use the cover letter examples below as a guide in drafting your paralegal cover letter. Designed specifically for legal assistants, these cover letter examples will show you what employers are looking for, so you can get more interviews and start working sooner.

Cover Letter Tips for Legal Assistant

Locating jobs as a Legal Assistant which are appropriate for any skill level can be a bit of a challenge, just as finding a job anywhere in the United States in the current economy can be difficult. However, there are a few tips any applicant can follow in order to increase the productivity of their job search while simultaneously reducing stress.

1. Take advantage of job fairs in the area in order to learn more about the local job market while discovering new opportunities.

2. Attend classes which help those searching for jobs to sharpen their interviewing skills.

3. Never give up on a job lead unless the employer responds with a concrete “no. ” Otherwise, there may still be a chance to obtain the desired position.

4. Maintain a strong online presence on social media websites; it is estimated that nearly 45% of employers now pull recruits from sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

5. Face-to-face networking can be just as important as online connections. Getting your reputation out there is always a good thing.

Legal Assistant Job Seeking Tips

Regardless of the amount of experience or education someone has, the real way to open doors to nearly all of the jobs as a Legal Assistant is the creation of a great cover letter. Though there is oftentimes a great deal of debate concerning what makes a perfect cover letter, there are some qualities which they should definitely display.

1. Wording should be consistent, clear and concise in order to ensure that no date is misrepresented.

2. Never lie on a cover letter. If any information is found to be false, it could be a grounds for immediate dismissal further down the line.

3. When listing education or work experience, it’s best to list the information in reverse chronological order.

4. Ideally, a good cover letter should be between 1 and 2 pages long, with 2 pages being reserved for those with extensive experience in the field.

5. Using a splash of color in the wording or a unique layout can help any cover letter stand out from the stack.

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