Us Coast Guard Academy Application Essay

Hi there,
1. Academics: so I'm not a genius, but I'm certainly not dumb. I have a 4.9 weighted GPA. I am more of a logic, common sense, down-to-earth type of person; meaning that if you gave me a real life problem to solve, I'd be better at it than if I had to do a worksheet. My SATs score were not fantastic, a 1520, but that was without studying or any preparation whatsoever. So I am going to improve, my goal is at least a 1800. I take a lot of honors classes, but my strong points are definitely the liberal arts (if I were to go to the Academy I would major in Government with an emphasis in Intelligence), but I have taken honors math and science courses. I went to summer school at Georgetown through Jr. State of America (it's a political club) where I took a Government class and was a part of other programs.
2. Athletics: Inside of school I have participated in the following; 3 seasons of soccer, 1 season of basketball, 1 season of swimming, two seasons of lacrosse, and now my first season of track. Outside of school I play on a club soccer team year round and I've played on two indoor soccer teams in the winter. Generally speaking, I'm athletic, able to hold my ground against pretty much anybody. I haven't tested for the PFE yet, but will have a test run this summer. My logic is to always try new things and to smile through everything I do.
3. Leadership: I am a leader during the summer at different camps for my church, I teach 40 K-2nd graders during the year with other leaders under me, I am Dir. of Community Service for my JSA (Jr. State of America) club where I have planned a boatload of service events. I applied for NHS officer and I will be running for VP of my JSA club for next year. I will also be applying to serve on the JSA New Jersey Region Vice Mayoral Cabinet for next year. I am also going to be a Fellowship of Christian Athletes Officers next year.
4. Extracurricular Activities/Randomness: I was a part of World Affairs Council last year, I am a very avid member of my JSA club, I was 1st chair saxophone in Concert band freshman year, I also played the piano since I was six, I have been a part of FCA since freshman year (I'm a junior).
5. Community Service: If I were to document everything I did, I would have roughly a little more than 215 hours of community service per year, but I document everything up to 150/year. This is through JSA, Church, NHS and random things.
6. Character: Pretty much everybody at my school who knows me, (the school police officer, the principal, my coaches, etc.) can say I am honest, caring, compassionate, devoted, trustworthy, responsible and a positive leader. You don't know me so it's a little bit of a challenge to help you understand me in that area, but I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.
7. Passion: this is another thing you'll just have to take my word for- there is nothing else in the world I'd rather do than help somebody. They don't ever have to know my name, just that somebody cared. I want to adopt a kid from every continent, I want to change and save lives for a living, I want to help people know that they are important. And I want to be challenged when doing this. That's why I've chosen USCGA, because they train you to be compassionate, professional leaders by challenging you. I don't want things handed to me, I want to earn the right to be proud. It's through hard things that I have become better.

So....this was a tad bit long, but if there is anything, anything at all, that you see that I could improve on I would be very grateful. I think I touched a little bit on everything they look for at the Academy, anywho thanks!

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Please note: This essay is for applying to the US

Coast Guard Academy Essay

How does attending the United States Coast Guard Academy fit into your college aspirations and long-term goals?

I have two long-term goals, realizing my potential and making the world a better place. I have two debts to repay, to my parents and to my country. Attending the USGA supports my long-term goals because it gives me the opportunity to reach my goals and become the best I can be. The USCGA would help me to make the best use of my abilities and develop me into a leader. The service requirements that are part of the USCGA experience would enable me to support my country. I would wear the uniform with great pride

In 50 years when I look back on my life, I want to be proud, knowing that I did something important. I have always been proud to be an American, and I believe there is no better way to pay back our country than to serve in its military. Standing for what we believe in is what keeps this country free and democratic. Without those who sacrifice for our way of life, this country and its ideals would not exist. A review of world events and politics shows just how fortunate we are to be American

I know that the Coast Guard Academy can teach me lessons beyond that of any other college in the entire country. I receive an excellent education, build the foundation for a solid future and also learn valuable lessons on how to become an effective leader. I've had many discussions with my father on leadership. When we talk about his duties as a Navy Reserve Commanding Officer, he talks about the pride that he has supporting good people and achieving important missions

I can think of no greater goal (and challenge) then to earn the privilege of command

In conclusion, USCGA not only fits my college aspirations, but it would also fit my life's goals. When people ask me why I would attend a military academy, my reply is two words: Pride and Service. That is what the USCGA means to me

Discuss an obstacle you have overcome that has taught you to appreciate things that many of your peers take for granted

For the last six years most of my free time was spent with my parents supporting their retail business. I've helped wherever I could, whenever I could. Through aiding my parents earn a living; I have acquired exceptional interpersonal skills and an understanding of electrical systems and appliances. There is no greater thrill then selling a USD500 vacuum to an adult when you are fifteen years old

Looking back, the challenge has been two-fold. First, I spent many hours at the store. This left less time for friends and fun. Second, I was challenged to develop my capabilities in order to provide a greater contribution. An example is learning the repair side of the business. After four years of being an apprentice to my father, I am finally able to take on my own repairs. I am now a certified sewing machine and vacuum mechanic. In fact he has had me attend advanced training on computerized machines when he is unavailable. This has built on my love for the inner workings of machines. I have learned the importance of machine maintenance and really enjoy the challenge of troubleshooting electrical/mechanical systems

These activities, though not typical, have given me experiences that many people my age will never encounter. I have seen the other side of the family, and what my parents do to support our household. I see the everyday trials of owning a retail business, and all that comes with it. I have much respect for the small proprietors in this country. It is very hard to run your own business, especially with the changing dynamics of big retailers and the growing Internet market. In conclusion, the family business has provided both challenges and rewards. It has called for some sacrifices but it has given me many important skills, and helped me to grow as a person.


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