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Risk Management – Finance Dissertation Topics

The Federal Reserve System has established a banking risk framework that consists of six risk factors: credit, market, operational, liquidity, legal, and reputation risks. All of the above mentioned factors are the integral part of any financial institution’s risk management policies and the compliance mechanism which ultimately has a significant impact of the cusses of the institution.

Finance dissertation topics in risk management could include:

• Liquidity risk management in the UK banking industry in the wake of the financial crisis
• An evaluation and analysis of the risk/return profile of selected UK banks.
• Operational risk; business continuity plans in the UK Banking Industry.
• Risk management aspects of international banking activities in Europe: nature, scope and analysis.
• Foreign exchange risk management within financial institutions in the UK
• The liability management of two local leading banks in the UK in the past five years: A comparative analysis.
• Advantages of using options for the management of risk in the banking industry.
• A stress testing approach towards evaluating credit risk of a financial institution.
• Case study on growth, liquidity, turnover, risk and return of a financial institution: Analysis and discussion
• The potential impact of the loss of passporting after Brexit on the UK financial services industry
• The potential impact of Brexit on the ability of UK banks to attract the most talented individuals
• The impact of international risk exposures on the financial performance of UK banks
• The effectiveness of the UK’s stress testing regime in preventing future financial crises in banking

Interesting Accounting Thesis Topics: 30 Great Suggestions

Writing a thesis paper on accounting is not always an easy thing. The main reason for this is because a lot of people tend to imagine accounting to be all about calculations and nothing else. However, there is so much more to it than meets the eye. The following are some interesting topics that you might want to look into in the event that you are struggling with finding one for your thesis:

  1. Discuss the importance of auditing to a firm
  2. How do companies minimize on their tax liabilities while still ensuring profitability
  3. Discuss emerging products in the financial markets
  4. Define and explain the role of the accounting information systems
  5. Is managerial accounting mandatory or a complementary function?
  6. Explain how personal finances are affected by the recession
  7. Describe debt management and discuss the challenges associated with it
  8. Organizational culture and its influence on accounting standards and procedure
  9. Problems that companies encounter with cash flow
  10. Payroll management systems and their role in the organization
  11. Business investments that can shield accounting departments from turbulent times
  12. Discuss some financial instruments that can be used for futures direction
  13. Conduct an analysis on managerial and financial accounting, noting down the similarities and differences
  14. Ethical considerations in cost accounting
  15. The role of cost accounting in the organization
  16. Cost accounting system for a company you have worked in, or you are familiar with
  17. Use of software in cost accounting
  18. Dealing with fixed and variable costs during turbulent times
  19. Career resources for accountants
  20. Discuss 5 accounting concepts and how they can be useful to normal average people
  21. Theoretically analyze liability accounting in a company you are familiar with
  22. Discuss the importance of cost management during a recession
  23. Discuss the concept of life cycle cost analysis (LCCA)
  24. Explain the importance of the accrual concept of accounting, with relevant examples
  25. Discuss the importance of internal accounting procedure to global businesses
  26. Showcase with relevant examples, the functions of managerial accounting to an organization
  27. Discuss the impact of technology on accounting
  28. Computers will take over the work of accountants in the near future: Discuss
  29. Discuss how to effectively adapt the international accounting standards relevant to your country
  30. Does the world need international accounting standards or should every region work out its own?
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