Bcom 275 Week 4 Team Assignment Tracking

We in EnergyBeta provide you information and free downloadson renewable energy and related topics. Our mission is to spread the use of renewable energy in a global scale. We cover topics from general renewable energy concepts to the different types of renewable energy, like solar power, wind power, geothermal power, and ocean energy including tidal power. You can simply browse our articles by following the links to your right. You will also find articles related to different technologies related to alternative energy and some articles on new ideas.

Below is a brief introduction to Renewable Energy and Few Renewable Energy sources.

Solar Power

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Sun is our main energy source. Solar power will not end, or in another sense, we will not live to see the end of our sun. Solar energy is one of the most important sources of renewable energy. It sends us unimaginable amount of power everyday hidden in its rays.

According to research data currently available, the Sun radiates 174 Petawatts (Pw) of solar energy every day. Out of this roughly 30% of energy is reflected back to space, and another major share is absorbed by our atmosphere. Even if we get only 10% of this energy which is about 17.4 Pw per day, it is still more than the whole daily energy requirement worldwide.

Do you want to learn more about Solar Power? Visit our Solar Power Section. You can also download the Renewable Energy Guide for more information 100% free. This eBook covers the subject of solar energy in more detail.

Wind Power

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Wind energy has been converted to other forms of useful energy, especially mechanical form even long time back. Energy stored in Wind is used to turn a windmill and then to used to grind grains and other stuff.

Unlike solar power, wind energy is always present, day and night alike. This is a very important advantage of using wind power. Wind power is comparatively cheap to produce. It takes little space when compared with solar panels. Today Europe, especially Germany is leading the way in Wind energy.

There are number of ways to use the power of wind. The wind mill is the common choice. Nowadays windmills are almost always used to produce electricity. If you want to learn more about wind energy visit our wind energy archive. Our free eBook renewable energy guide has a complete section on using wind energy. You may download it for free, by following this link.

Hydro Power

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Just like Wind Power, people from ancient world knew how to use the power of flowing water to do something useful.

like turning a waterwheel and grinding their grains. Hydropower today though is mainly discussed with electricity generation. There are thousands and thousands of dams built around the world to convert energy stored in water flow into electricity.

Unlike, solar or wind, hydropower is more stabilized. Most countries use hydropower in big scale to produce electricity and achieve some other benefits is create like irrigating the lands and controlling floods. Currently micro hydro plants are gaining in popularity. Small hydroelectric plants are used to power up small communities.

You need higher capital investment to build a hydropower plant though. But hydroelectric plants are very much cost effective to operate in long run. More information about hydropower can be found here on our archive. We have a dedicated section on hydropower in our free eBook the renewable energy guide. You can download this eBook 100% free by following this link.

Geothermal Power

Learn More About Geothermal Energy. Download "The Renewable Energy Guide" Free

Earth crust is heated and its molten rocks forms lava. This heat is a great energy source. Earth’s heat is available regardless of the place, and it is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This makes geothermal energy a great reliable renewable energy source.

Obviously, building geothermal power plant will cost more, as it is little complex to build. But it works almost on autopilot. Only little maintenance is needed. This makes the operational costs of the plant low.

Iceland is the leader in geothermal energy. Nearly 18% of their energy comes from geothermal while US has a great potential too. You can read more about geothermal energy here. Renewable energy guide contains very informative section on geothermal energy. You can download the eBook 100% free by following this link.


Learn More About Biomass Energy. Download "The Renewable Energy Guide" Free

Biomass is the most commonly used source of renewable energy. Even the ancient man knew how to use wood to cook their food using firewood. But today, biomass energy mainly refers to burning or using materials like wood and different types of seeds to produce electricity.

Biomass has created a separate market by substituting the traditional oil with the biofuel or biodiesel. This energy sector is becoming. Ability to make your own biodiesel in your own backyard is another reason for the resent popularity behind biodiesel.

There are diverse opinions about using biomass excessively. We have discussed them on this site as well as on the renewable energy guide. You can see our biomass section for more details. You can download our free eBook renewable energy guide for even more information.

Tidal Energy:

Learn More About Tidal Energy. Download "The Renewable Energy Guide" Free

Tides are a great source of renewable energy. Tides are created due to gravitational pull of earth, moon and sun. This is a complex natural behavior. Rising water levels provides a great opportunity to generate reliable renewable energy.

Unlike other sources, tidal waves can produce large amount of electricity with a high degree of reliability. This makes tidal energy a key competitor in commercial renewable energy sector. Building a tidal renewable energy plant needs large sums of capital. Also the technology is costly and relatively new.

Tidal waves are only one form of ocean energy. There are other ways we can use the vast amount of energy hidden in the oceans. These are discussed in our free eBook renewable energy guide. You may download this by following this link. You can learn more about the tidal waves by reaching our tidal energy archive.

There are more renewable energy sources emerging. But what listed above are more stable technologies.

In summary, we have many options open to go green with renewable energy. We can save lots of money if we tap into these alternative energy sources. In addition we will find solutions for the global environmental problems we are facing today.

Today, we have an option to use these alternative sources to produce energy. But tomorrow, we will not have an option; we will have to optin to renewable energy sources whether we like it or not. Ever decreasing oil and coal reserves and environmental crisis we are facing even today will leave us no other option. So act today, go green.

CMGT/410 Week 5

Everything listed for Week 5 is included in purchase!


Learning Team: Project Evaluation and Control

Option #1 Word Count: 1,113 words!

Option #2 Word count:     646 words!

A project must be executed effectively and with minimal waste to establish confidence. A plan for performance measurement requires identifying which critical elements should be measured, how they are measured, and when they are measured to communicate if the project is on track.

Write a 2- to 3-page paper on your findings. At a minimum the section will contain the following:
    • Measurable objectives identified as milestones on the Gantt chart    

    • Risk mitigation strategy for analyzing and reporting unplanned changes as well

        what procedures you will plan to implement for handling change control issues

    • Description of project reporting regarding the on-going evaluation and status

        of project efforts to stakeholder and participants on the project team
    • Method for determining whether the project has met its objectives and how

        the project is terminated
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.



Individual:Comparison of Project Management Models

Option #1 Word Count: 1,201 words!

Option #2 Word count:  1,417 words!

Option #3 Word Count:    931 words!

Option #4 Word count:     985 words!

Consider the following scenario:
Your company has been using Traditional Project Management (TPM) methods for years, but is now looking into the possibility of adopting agile practices. Your boss has asked you to prepare a paper comparing TPM to agile practices and summarizing the benefits and limitations of
Write a 5- to 7-page paper including, at a minimum, the following information:
    • Briefly describe the TPM waterfall method.
    • Briefly describe one or more Agile project management approaches.
    • Compare and contrast TPM and Agile methods, emphasizing the strengths and

       weaknesses of each.
    • Discuss what kind of projects would be more appropriate for TPM approaches

        and what types would be more appropriate for Agile approaches.
    • Discuss how a project approach is selected for different types of project.

Provide an example by selecting an approach for one of the following projects, and explaining your rationale for the selection. Remember to focus on the project approach and not get involved in the technical details of the project.
    • Converting a large enterprise from using IPv4 to IPv6.
    • Managing a Business Process Reengineering (BPR) project to modernize and

       integrate a major company's business systems (accounting, sales, logistics,

        manufacturing, etc.) into an enterprisewide unified architecture.
    • Building a new data center for an international business.
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Note: Discussion Questions may be different depending on which Instructor you get.

Supporting Activity Discussion Questions

1. What leads to uncertainty in an IT project?

2. What is project risk management?

3. What are the seven IT project risk management processes?

4. What is risk monitoring and control?  


Supporting Activity Discussion Questions

1. You are asked to make a copy of a magazine article and include it in new software you are writing.  You see that the article has a copyright notice.  What is the best thing to do?

2. Your company is in competition to win a major project for the government of country X.  You are told that you must make a large payment to the foreign minister in order to be considered for the project.  What is the best thing to do?

3. You provide a project estimate for the project to the project sponsor.  The project sponsor is unhappy with the estimate, because the project sponsor thinks the price should be lower.  The project sponsor asks you to cut 15% off the project estimate.  What should you do?

4. What is wrong with the idea of just expecting people to adapt to a new system by compliance?

5. What are some best practices for measuring project success?


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