Essay On Karachi As A City Of Problems

If Karach­i had a decent public transp­ort system, I, for one, would not have to take my car to my workpl­ace every day

KARACHI: I would like to highlight an issue that merits the authorities’ serious and urgent attention: Karachi’s dilapidated public transport system. While the other cities have drastically improved their transport systems — for example, Lahore’s Metro bus service — Karachi, despite being a metropolis, severely lacks a respectable public transport system for its citizens. It is getting worse with each passing day and there’s no ray of hope in this regard. The sight of the people hanging on the rickety buses’ footsteps is quite off-putting, making them vulnerable to potentially fatal accidents.

If Karachi had a decent public transport system, I, for one, would not have to take my car to my workplace every day. I have travelled by these shabby and unsafe buses a few times and have no qualms in saying that commuting by them is nothing short of drudgery. Being pushed and jostled by the people inside is disgusting, leaving one to wonder if one will ever see any semblance of a good transport system in this mega city. There is no other issue more pressing in this city than the public transport system. I strongly urge the relevant authorities to take serious notice of the problem and take steps to solve it as soon as possible.

Syed Adeel Ahmed

Published in The Express Tribune, February 3rd,  2016.

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M Osama Sultan

Karachi is the centre of exchange and monetary exercises; in past, it was viewed as the city of lights as it was splendid and sparkling. The streets were washed consistently at night and the light posts were there to light every spot. Today’s Karachi is the inverse of what we knew about it from our guardians. The Karachi we discover today is loaded with problems. Sewerage problem is the most serious problem of the day. The streets are generally blocked as a result of chocked sewerage lines. These lines were implied for a smaller population’s needs; however with the extension of populace, they clearly turned out to be lacking. The legislature tackles singular sewerage problems on adhoc premise so the outcome is very disillusioning. The line, which is settled today, chocks the following couple of days and in this manner, the filthy water is seen standing all over and causes ailments. Another serious problem is the deficiency of drinking water. Water is the essential need of everybody.
Karachi has long been enduring the lack of water and people are left on the mercy of Tankers. The most woeful thing is that sooner or later sewerage water blends with the drinking water. The problem is not over at this stage and when summer arrives, it aggravates further. The previous city of light is currently called the city of obscurity and darkness. The unannounced and steady power outages hits everybody. The healing centers Factories, organizations and houses endure severely and standard work of life stops. It is height of apathy that protests are not heard or if something is done to restore power; it ends up being brief. In short we can say that problems of Karachi are various, and people are languishing and looking for a reformer to venture forward and take care of these problem.



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